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The Present

Project Chacocente / The Present

Despite the hurdles of 2022, we continue to fund the “Chacocente Scholars Program,” which provides life-changing educational opportunities to materially poor Nicaraguan youth and adults who would not otherwise have them. Some elementary and high school-age students, unable to purchase essential school supplies and uniforms, cannot attend school without assistance. Some high school graduates, despite their past academic success and splendid dreams, cannot afford to pursue those dreams in an accredited university or vocational school. Some adults lack the skills or political affiliations that enable them to find meaningful employment.
In the last several years, Project Chacocente has funded the educations of young people pursuing careers in medicine, nursing, education, computer sciences, English, English education, and physical education. For elementary and high school students, assistance typically covers school supplies, shoes, uniforms, and food if needed. For high school graduates, it covers registration, tuition, fees, transportation, books, supplies, and other expenses related to their course of study. For adult scholars, vocational enrichment is supported. Our scholars’ expenses and academic progress are monitored closely, and academic and fiscal discipline are ensured.
Project Chacocente USA provides this support through your generous gifts, when you choose to sponsor a specific student or give any amount to meet the needs of our scholars. When you become an individual sponsor, we estimate your student’s costs as accurately as possible. We also “connect” sponsors with their students and seek to nurture the gratifying spiritual bonds that inevitably form. All sponsorship gifts and other donations go into the “Chacocente Scholars Fund” and are disbursed among all the scholars according to need.