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Items Needed

Project Chacocente / Items Needed

Please notify us (at [email protected]) if you donate any of the listed items so we can keep the list current.  Blanks mean any and all amounts are appreciated!  Dollar amounts are the cost of the item if you would prefer to donate money so the item can be purchased in Nicaragua.

We have found the most reliable way to transport items is with delegations from the USA traveling to Nicaragua.  Please email us at project [email protected] and we will try to match you with a delegation.  Thank you!

[acc_item title=”Pre-School”]3 Books for Beginner Readers (Nicaraguan Pinocho edition).
6 Children chairs.
1 Banner with the Spanish Alphabet in italics.
1 Banner with the Number from 1 through 100.
1 Banner with the Human Body (Anatomy).
1 Banner with Fruits and Vegetables.
2 Book shelves for textbooks and put the classroom in order.
2 Ceiling Fans.
[acc_item title=”1st Grade”]Tale Books.
Coloring Books.
Books for Beginner Readers (Nicaraguan Pinocho edition).
Calligraphy Books.
Coloring Pencils.
Crayons (Crayolas).
Crayola Coloring Markers (multiple colors).
White Glue.
Banners with:
– Numbers from 0 – 10 and from 0 – 100.
– Spanish Aphabet.
– Personal Grooming (cleaning).
– Human Body Parts.
– Geometry Sets (shapes).
– The Colors.
– Shape punchers.
– Scissors.
[acc_item title=”2nd Grade”]Updated text books for: Mathematics, Spanish, Knowing my World, and Calligraphy.
Banner with the Alphabet.
Banner with the Multiplication Tables.
Banner of the Human Body (Anatomy).
Banner with Traffic Signs.
Christian Education Books.
4 Lamps to light up the classroom.
Paint to paint the classroom.
1 Clock.
1 CD Player.
Traditional Dresses to dance folkclore.
Molding Clay.
Crayons (Crayolas).
[acc_item title=”3rd Grade”]Banner of the Repdroductive Masculine and Femenine Body.
Maps of Nicaragua and its Departments (States).
Banner with the Multiplication Tables.
Banner with the Cycle of Water.
Updated Text books of all the subjects (in Spanish).
1 Book Shelf.
1 Lamp to light up the classroom.
1 Desktop World Globe.
[acc_item title=”4th Grade”]Updated Text Books of all the Subjects (in Spanish).
1 Desktop World Globe.
1 Lamp to light up the classroom.
Paint to Paint the classroom.
Tile floor for the classroom.
1 Book Shelf.
1 Cork Board.
1 Clock.
[acc_item title=”5th Grade”]Updated Text Books of all the Subjects (in Spanish).
Paint to paint the classroom and the classroom chairs.
1 Small Table.
1 Desktop with its seat.
1 CD Player.
Tile floor for the classroom.
[acc_item title=”6th Grade”]Tile floor for the classroom.
1 Desktop with its seat.
1 Book Shelf.
3 Lamps to light the classroom.
3 Fans.
1 Locker.
1 Clock.
1 Small Table.
5 Classroom Chairs.
Paint to paint the classroom.
Updated Text Books of all the Subjects.
1 Desktop World Globe.
[acc_item title=”High School”]Spanish Text Books:
– Nuevo Lenguaje Santillana: 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Grade.
– Masaya Lanscape – Panorama Masayense (Enrique Peña Hernandez).
– Encuentro de los jóvenes con los tres grandes (7 books).
– Quijote de la Mancha, children version with drawings (8 books).
– Nicaraguan Spanish Dictionary (DEN) 3 books.
– Audiovisual Stories in Spanish for kids and youth.
[acc_item title=”10th Grade”]1 Locker
1 Shelf
1 Fan
1 Cork Board
[acc_item title=”Social Science”]Geography Books for 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Grade.
A book for Economy and Philosophy.
A book for Social Psychology.
Mapping of the Hydrography of the Map of Nicaragua.
Small speakers with laptop for video presentations.
[acc_item title=”Mathematics”]Susaeta Text Books for 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Grade.
Santillana (all of the levels).
Trigonometric Algebra.
Large wooden Geometric Sets (cases).
[acc_item title=”Physics”]Statistics and Probability.
General, Quantum, Atomic and Nuclear Physics.
Physics for 11th Grade, volume III.
Physics for 11th Grade (Oscar Maynaid Alvarado) authorized by MINED.
Physics for 10th Grade.
Modern Physics.
Digital Tensiometer.
Digital Thermometer.
Laser Pen.
3D Glasses.
[acc_item title=”Civics”]Text Books from 7th through 11th Grade by Cesar Escobar Morales (author). 1st Edition, year 2003.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Nature (Science)”]Electronic Microscopes.
Text Books for Science, Chemistry and Biology, authorized by MINED.
[acc_item title=”Physical Education”]4 Basketball balls (2 large and 2 small).
2 Volleyball balls.
2 Soccer balls #20.
2 Soccer balls for hard surface #13 and 15.
1 Volleyball net.
Cushions (mats or matresses).
Complete Kit for Baseball.
Hammer throw.
Needles and Pumps for balls.
Discus and Nets for discus throw.
Javelin for for male and female.
Portable Scale (Weight).
[acc_item title=”English”]Work Book with audio CDs.
Teacher Book with audio CD.
Illustrated Flash Cards.
Games to learn the alphabet.
Story Books for children with short stories and activity books (English and Spanish).
Banner with: The Body Parts, The 5 Senses, and Animals.
CD Player with USB and VCR.
TV Set or Laptop with speakers to show videos in class.
[acc_item title=”Computer Class”]Office Books (in Spanish).
Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher and Access 2013.
Virtual Encyclopedia.
1 Locker.
6 Metal Chairs.
[acc_item title=”Computer Lab”]12 Computer Mouses.
3 HP Monitors of 19” inches.
8 Laptop Computers.
1 blower duster to clean computer parts.
5 Stabelizing Batteries (Back-up).
1 Printer.
12 Mouse Pads.
A cleaning kit for computers:
– Sabo Contact Cleaner.
– Sabo Remover.
– Sabo Duster.
– Sabo Multiface Cleaner.
– CD with Office 2013 Programs (Original).
[acc_item title=”ECA (Arts) for Elementary”]Lienzo (Canvas) for painting.
A frame.
Canvas holder.
Pixels from 1 through 10.
Water Paint.
Acrylic Paint.
Canvas Clippers.
Paint Testers.
[acc_item title=”Audio and Sound”]12” inches Active Speaker (400 watts).
Wireless Microphones.
TV Set and a Projector.
[acc_item title=”Dance Class for HS”]Traditional dance outfit: 2 for women and 2 for men.
Make-up Set (Cosmetics).
Traditional flower combs.
Handcraft fans.
Traditional dancing sandals # 7, 8 and 9 for girls and boys.
Colourful traditional necklaces.
Traditional dancing outfits for Palo de Mayo Dance.
Feathered Hats.