The Future

Project Chacocente was founded with a deep reliance on God. The original plans for the Project included a church on the grounds. Now that the families have “graduated”, they would like to give thanks for all He has given them. The church will serve as a visible sign of our dependence on God and a symbol of all of the hope He brings to those in need. Asbury First UMC in Rochester, NY has donated $10,000 as matching funds to begin construction. A total of $10,ooo​​​ is needed to complete the church building.

Upon completion of Phase1 of Project Chacocente, when the families were presented with the deeds to their land, their desire now is to pass on to their neighbors the blessings they have been given by God. The surrounding vicinity is one of dire poverty with poorly constructed homes and limited access to water and healthcare. Visiting delegations from the USA and members of the Chacocente community will work together to rebuild the homes of their neighbors. The feasibility of improving access to clean water is being investigated by members of Valencia UMC.

We hope to develop a community center of sorts that will offer technical and continuing education, career training and perhaps house visiting medical and dental clinics. The feasibility and need for this is currently being evaluated by the families, staff and board of directors.